DAY 4: May 29, 2015 Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun – 23 km


We have left the area where sand and gravel are locally available. Here Adobe has been the least expensive go-to building material. Look closely, just straw and clay.

Those who have been to Forever House, especially at this time of year, will know of our love of lavender. We are beginning to see and enjoy the aroma of it growing wild along the route


Some old pilgram walking aimlessly! In fact we are back in the groove – kicking out 6 hour walking in pretty warm temperatures


Ahhh the footwear dilemma. Here proof of some mistakes made. Our experience points to footwear too rigid ( no to solid leather, especially leather toes and not wide or long enough, the primary causes for the hundreds of pairs we have seen discarded. They may feel great in the store but after repeated days walking, your feet expand and in many cases are covered in protective bandaging. Ours are at least 1.5 sizes larger in width and length.

Two years ago as we started planning for our Camino we actually considered renting a donkey only to discover it totally cost prohibitive….not wanting to shoulder heavy packs we even considered buying one!! Then we discovered the long established luggage forwarding service 😀😀
We did actually see one last year – name was Martin and when last seen he was refusing to cross a bridge!


This was an unexpected surprise. This some 6 story mound with a series of ground level doors – something we had never seen before.  Root cellar, bomb shelter???? As Delana tells below it is community wine storage facility.

A familiar pilgrim on an old Roman  bridge.

Over the hills and down into the valleys past acres of grain-we are still in the ” bread basket” of Europe.The variation in the topography is welcome as the road does not seem so endless. We are walking under the bluest of skies (thunder storms were forecast) and we are making good time each day. It is very dry— we arrive at our destinations dusty and hot. Fortunately, hardy wildflowers continue to brighten our path—now huge thistles, wild lavatera, blue flax, Spanish lavender and wild roses all joining the happy ubiquitous poppies. Rod very patiently photographs the flowers😊
Outside the village of Moratinos there were a few vineyards and in the village itself there were mounds of earth with entrance ways sort of like root cellars. The mounds had venting and were even topped by four sided cupolas providing natural light.  Upon asking we were told these are the town’s wine cellars!
Tonight’s B&B is small with a “do it yourself” breakfast room but not a lot “to do it yourself” with—this was not what we expected. However, it is very clean and quiet and in a central location. Also, the hostess offered to wash our laundry which is invaluable assistance, so it is all good.

4 thoughts on “DAY 4: May 29, 2015 Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun – 23 km

  1. Love those shoes. Reminds me of “If I Would Walk 500 Miles” by The Proclaimers or you’ve got ‘soul’…..!!!!


  2. This is all so interesting. Thanks for sharing with us and we will continue to follow you on your journey.


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