These pictures are from the  first day and a half – the 24th and 25th

At the bottom of the climb, early in the am
This is the kind of trail we had to climb, lots of loose rocks
Griffin Vultures – up to 9 foot wingspan. Eat sheep !!
Mutti looking pretty spry after 10 km and a coffee
Look at the skyline – we are at about the 4500 foot level
Near the top of the pass, sharing the trail with lots of sheep
More pilgrims and more sheep – and a rocky path
that’s a herd of sheep in part of the valley where we have come from
Some of our fellow pilgrims
The distance to St Jean is so far and the trail not one that a shepherd wants to take all the time so this is where they live for the summer tending their sheep!



DAY 1 (AUG. 24)


We are excited and a bit anxious. This is the first portion of the Pyrenees climb. As it is designated as “difficult” we are climbing ½ way this day. A van will return us to St. Jean and then take us back to Vierge d’Orisson the next day. (There is no accommodation at VO). It is warm and sunny. The skies are an incredible cerulean.We pass through the Spanish Arch and after taking a photo for mother and daughter pilgrims, we start walking. Our mood is joyful to actually be here and doing this. How blessed we are! Our steps are light a d our pace easily 5km/hr. The hills begin. The day gets warmer. The hills are “alive with the sound of cowbells”. There are sheep and cows everywhere, paying us no attention as we trudge by. This “bell choir” gives a strangely comforting accompaniment to our day. Other pilgrims pass us and later we pass them—always with a wave a smile and “Buen Camino”—“good Camino”. The beautiful verdant hills seem endless now—and higher. Dad keeps reassuring me that it will level out around the next curve. It does not. It is very hot and we are very tired. Everyone we see looks exhausted. Finally, we reach our destination…..and we wait…..and we wait….the van is not there and does not seem to be coming. We begin to walk back. Downhill is easier for a while. We walk almost 3 km when the van arrives—an hour and a half late. Some mix up….we are just glad to be going back to St. Jean.


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